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Necklace Details:

Gold Coloring

Moroccan Shaped Pendant With Cork and Tassel Accent 

70cm Long

Very Lightweight 

I named this necklace after my cute chocolate lab Lexi.  It felt odd not honoring her in my jewelry shop.  Lexi has been a rock in my life since 2013.  At the time of getting Lexi I had no idea my ex was cheating on me.  We had just moved into our new home and we were getting a puppy.... all the while he was cheating.  My heart shattered into many pieces when I discovered his cheating on Thanksgiving.  In the blink of an eye my present and future seemed to be ripped out from under me.  Lexi was 2 months old at the time.  I wanted to stay in bed, crawl in a deep hole, and hide from the world.  I had to take care of this needy and adorable puppy.  She gave me purpose.  I had to leave the house and take her on walks. I couldn't help but smile every time I played with her.  Lexi is my most loyal companion.  Her doggy face lights up my universe.  She is my comfort dog.  

So how exactly does my dog Lexi relate to this cork necklace?  

When I wear a long necklace, such as this, I think of warrior goddesses who adorn themselves with jewelry to protect and bring strength.  I think of jewelry being used as talismans and amulets.  Lexi has always felt like my personal good luck charm.  Dropped in my life at the perfect time.  Her spunky puppy spirit strengthened my resolve to keep going.  You will notice the cork of this necklace has many different variations in color and the cork pieces are all assembled together in one beautiful mosaic....Lexi glued the pieces of my heart back together in a mosaic of love. 

I also have always loved the grounding feeling of fiddling with a necklace.  The texture of this particular cork necklace is very soothing to the touch.    

Lexi is my comfort dog at home and this cork necklace is my stylish accessory that brings style and a certain comfort when I am out and about.  

The right necklace has the power to elevate your mood AND the complete vibe of your outfit.  

When you wear this necklace, know that the cork is infused with Wine Country love from both me and Lexi!