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Metal tear-drop shape with cork triangular accent that is free-hanging in center.
Available with either gold or silver accents.

A perfect earring for women who want the eye-catching sexiness of metal with the natural tones of cork.  A narrow earring design that elongates the neck and captivates the best features of a women's face.

2.5" H by 1" W

Named after my friend, Laura.  

Laura and I have been friends since FIRST GRADE.  We were the three musketeers: Laura, Kari, and ME!  The crazy thing is we all grew up to be essentially the SAME HEIGHT.  5'10!  Childhood best friends that grew into supermodels ; )  Laura has always made me roll with laughter.  She is funny, wickedly intelligent, incredible artist and a lover of animals.  Growing up, Laura had an aviary filled with birds: doves, finches, and a little parrot named Kermit.  She was truly the bird whisperer.  Laura was the first to have a High School boyfriend.  He lived an hour away so the three of us would pile in her blue Volvo, blast 'Bohemian Rhapsody' at the top of our lungs, and go to San Rafael to hang with skater boys.  Now Laura lives in Manhattan, New York.  She is fulfilling all of our 'Sex In The City' Carrie Bradshaw dreams.  Laura has the most GORGEOUS long and thick blond hair.  I think she is honestly the only truly natural blond I know!  She is a knockout with her long legs, long neck and long hair.  These earrings scream Laura with the elongated tear-drop shape and splash of cork.  I can see her wearing them for a casual daytime look and then they transition perfectly for a city date night.



 More Details:

  • Handmade
  • Lightweight
  • Nickel-free and hypoallergenic
  • Portuguese Cork

Please Note:
Are your ears super sensitive?
Mine are too.  I have no problem with these earring hooks.  
I do offer custom earrings with:

14 K GOLD plated ear wire OR Hypoallergenic Plastic Ear Hooks
Send me a message at
*Additional cost will apply

Sheila Jane Co natural cork earrings are perfect for a night out and just as stunning when worn with your favorite casual t-shirt and jeans.

Cork earrings are amazingly light weight which adds to your wearing pleasure.  A beautiful statement piece without the weight of heavy jewelry.